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Our prices consist of the Shoot Fee, and the Price of any prints or products you order. The prices of our shoots start at 59 Euro for a shoot up to 1 hour, including VAT (BTW). This includes:


  • A fantastic photo experience;
  • topquality photography;
  • The talent, enthusiasm, and skill of our photographer;
  • Opening times that suit your busy schedule, including evenings and weekends;


Please refer to the Our Shoots pages for specific prices of each of our shoots.


Photo Print or Wall Art?


Ofcourse you can order prints or wall art of your photoshoot! We offer both printed and digital products. Apart from photo prints in several formats, we also offer the following professional quality wall art products:


  • Canvas, with or without wooden frame;
  • Dibond (Aluminium);
  • Photo behind Acrylic glass;
  • Photo on wood;
  • The top of the bill option is a professional print, mounted behind crystal-clear 10 mm acrylic glass and finished with an exclusive matte;


Before the photopresentation you will receive detailed information about the printing possibilities and prices. All prices are inclusive of VAT.




1. Get in touch


Once you've send us a message we'll contact you within 3 working days to discuss your wishes, and to plan your shoot. You will also get nice and useful tips to get the most out of your shoot!


2. Your shoot


You'll be welcomed in our studio with coffee or tea, after which our photographer will start working with you. You will soon feel comfortable in front of the lens!


3. Your presentation!


About 1-2 weeks after the shoot we'll schedule an appointment for your fotopresentation; sit back and relax - we will show you the photos of the shoot in order for you to decide which ones you would like to get printed as photoprint or wall art. You can place your order right after the presentation - but you're not obliged to place an order if you don't want to.


4. Your photo products!


If you ordered printed photoproducts you will receive these within 2-3 weeks after the photo presentation. Digital photo's will be ready within 5 working days after the presentation, and we will send you a link to download your photos.


Prices* for high resolution digital JPEG format:


Per photo**: 19 Euro

5 photo's for 89 Euro

10 photo's for 169 Euro

15 photo's for 219 Euro

20 photo's for 289 Euro

25 photo's for 329 Euro

30 photo's for 350 Euro


*Prices are inclusive of VAT (BTW) and including the right to use the photographs for non-commercial and non-media purposes

** Each version of edited photographs counts towards the total (edited photographes in for example black and white or one of our custom edits)


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